Agency Preference     
Bio-data Created within   *You may make multiple choices for every criteria.
Type of Maid                   *Transfer - maid currently in Singapore
Bio-data with video   Willing to work on off-days   Has Children
Nationality Working Experience Responsibility
Filipino maid Home Country Care for Infant
Indonesian maid   Singapore   Care for Young Children
Indian maid Malaysia Care for Elderly/Disabled
Sri Lankan maid   Hong Kong   Cooking
Myanmese maid Taiwan General Housekeeping
Others   Middle East   No Preference
No Preference Other Countries
No Preference
Language Ability Age Preference Height of maid (cm)
English 21 to 25 150 and Below
Mandarin/Chinese-Dialect 26 to 30 151 to 155
Bahasa Indonesia/Malaysia 31 to 35 156 to 160
Hindi 36 to 40 161 and Above
Tamil 41 and Above No Preference
No Preference No Preference
Education Level Marital Status Religion
College/Degree (>=13 yrs) Single Free Thinker
High School (10~12 yrs) Married Christian
Secondary (7~9 yrs) Widowed Catholic
Primary Level (5~6 yrs) Divorced Buddhist
No Preference Seperated Muslim
No Preference Hindu
No Preference


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